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Seven Reasons to Consider an Affiliate Marketing Channel.

[What is affiliate marketing?]


Affiliate programs bring more clients into your business by leveraging your marketing efforts—increasing your sales and building your customer base — without increasing your sales force, advertising, payroll, office space, or equipment needs. You continue handling your in-house sales, customer service, order fulfillment, and support as usual, while your affiliates concentrate on marketing.


Affiliate marketers work on a "pay-for-performance" model—you only compensate them when they send you a paying customer, lead, or subscriber (your choice). That is, unlike advertising, you only pay for RESULTS. If you compensate your affiliates well, they will respond in kind.


An affiliate program is less work and effort compared to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Nor do you incur the up-front costs of paid advertising.


There are thousands of potential affiliates already in touch with your market. With their help, you can reach a larger, deeper audience than you could ever hope to reach alone. The BEST thing to do is to turn your existing clients into affiliates.


Over time, your affiliates will build up valuable buzz and presence around you, dutifully building your brand and sending you clients for years to come. Affiliates do not "cannibalize" your traffic or sales! In fact, top affiliates will displace your true business competitors with their own pages and increase the chances that visitors will buy from you. A strong affiliate program is one of the best ways to drive direct traffic and build inbound links (the #1 Google ranking factor).


Affiliate marketing can open the door to national and international markets, introducing your products and services to places that you might not otherwise be able to effectively reach. Your foreign affiliates are familiar with the practices, customs, and languages of their own regions, and will get your message out in an effective way.


The tracking software necessary to manage your affiliate program will track the effectiveness of your pipeline as well—traffic, leads, sales, click-throughs, impressions, page views, and so on. This valuable real-time data will tell you exactly how your business is performing in the online marketplace. No guesswork.

If you are currently selling a product or service on the Internet, chances are you can benefit from an affiliate program. It is just a matter of structuring it to meet your needs and motivating your affiliates.