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Radio Alta: Audio Interviews and Marketing Strategy Tips

Listen-in as we interview Internet marketing experts and present tips and strategies for increasing your visibility and effectiveness.

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Linking Strategies, Part 1

Summary: Inbound links are the single most important factor in search engine ranking. Michael Charvet interviews linking expert David Tucker of RightNow Communications. Topics: How keywords relate to linking. Private linking alliances. Deep linking with articles. How to request links. The top three strategies for developing inbound links. Pay-per-click advertising links. Getting multiple top-10 rankings. The pros and cons of additional sites.

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Date: 11-01-2006, Length: 24:24


Linking Strategies, Part 2

Summary: Continuation of interview with David Tucker: Are affiliates cannibalizing your sales or displacing your competitors? What we learned at Commission Junction University. Why link co-ops and brokerages are usually a bad idea. Can you really pull off a linking campaign in-house? Why you need to do it right the first time. How much should you invest in a linking strategy? Accelerating your program with a professional team.

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Date: 11-01-2006, Length: 26:14


Long-Tail Keywords, Part 1

Summary: What is the long-tail? How to exploit the long-tail phenomenon on the web. Turning visitors into long-term clients with long-tail keywords and content. Taking advantage of the sales funnel effect. How Long-tail content improves search engine ranking, sales conversions, and forces you to build a better site. Where do long-tail keywords come from?

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Date:11-06-2006, Length: 20:46


Long-Tail Keywords, Part 2

Summary: Why specific keywords mean "buyers" instead of just "visitors". How we do our keyword research and build our pages. Why you might also need more general keywords to support your ad revenues, as long as they're highly relevant. Pay-per-click ads and keywords. Don't leave your clients in doubt—build their confidence. Ask your clients: what do they want and how do they want it?

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Date:11-06-2006, Length: 19:56


Good Reasons to Start a Business Blog

Summary: Blogs are the near-perfect vehicle to generate high-ranking pages, encourage inbound links, and keep communication going with your audience. Blogs provide an easy means to update your site without getting into the back-end code. Perfect if you don't want to get involved with the technical side of things. And frequent updating will help your search engine rankings. Adobe Contribute is one way to tweak your site and post your blog with little effort. Blogs tell the world that you're still alive and well and encourage them participate. News feeds "reach out" to your blog subscribers without the need for them to visit your site each time.

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Date: 6-15-2007, Length: 5:19


Capturing Local Business with Your Site

Summary: For many buyers, the Web is the first place to look for every product and service, even in their own city. Yet many will purchase out of the area because the sites of local merchants are unconvincing. As a merchant, you can keep local business local by developing your site. Sometimes professional services feel uncomfortable making a overt pitch on TV or radio; an optimized web site is the answer. Visitors look for a "match" between their needs and your business, which is your 24/7 representative. Strive to meet those expectations and begin a dialogue with your clients.

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Date: 7-15-2007, Length: 10:15