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Local Search Marketing Services
& Strategies for Professionals.

Take command of your local market for less than $10 / day.

Over 90% of consumers use the Internet to discover local companies.

And all local businesses need a continuous stream of customers to prosper.

As a business owner, you simply need connect your company to the community at reasonable cost.

Overall demand is usually not the problem; in most communities, there's actually plenty of business, but it may not be coming your way.

How do you turn that around?

The key is first-page search engine positioning and positive reviews of your company. That combination provides . . .

  • High Visibility
  • Evidence of a Great Customer Experience

. . . and THAT is a powerful differentiator, a magnet for your ideal customers, clients, patients, or members.

A strong local search presence means customers now have a reason to choose YOUR company, at the exact time they need service, instead of another one.

Want better customers?

Your best potential customers, those connected folks with a habit of making referrals, like nothing better than find your business, enjoy the experience, and tell everybody else about it online.

That's word-of-mouth marketing at its best . . . amplified by the power of the Internet. Marketing GOLD.

Our clients tell us the customers they get through local search tend to be of better quality; they are more relaxed, less resistant, and easier to work with because positive reviews have already pre-disposed them to a good experience.

But here's the challenge: there are only a few first-page search engine positions available for each search keyword, and you cannot buy those positions.

The only way to become highly visible and develop a fast-growing online reputation is to use an effective local search strategy. We help make it happen for you. We're certified local search experts.

By leveraging the power of local search, your customers will become your ultimate marketing team. It's a smart, low-cost, and effective strategy.


How to save money right now and enjoy more effective business promotion . . .

It's true, the Yellow Pages are dying. Consider reducing the size of your display ad and dropping ads in secondary directories altogether. That will likely offset the entire cost of our local search program.

In fact, before you invest another nickel in ANY form of advertising, we invite you invest in our local search marketing program. It's easy, affordable, effective, and flexible (no contracts).

We provide everything your business needs to take command of your local market:

  • Top-tier visibility in local search results
  • Knowledge and tools to build reviews fast
  • Ongoing updates and strategies


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