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Saying Goodbye to Paid Ads

[Part 1: Should You Buy Online Ads?]

What if you can't economically buy keywords, don't want to manage a campaign, or just don't like the idea of a short-term solution?

You do not need paid ads from Google, Yahoo, or anyone else for your local business to prosper. Ads are just one tool in the big toolbox of marketing solutions. These are some of our favorite tactics:

  • Local Search Optimization is Your #1 Priority: This is so important for any business with a physical location that we've dedicated a whole page to it.

  • Open Communication with Your Mailing List. With permission, collect customer email addresses, and start sending out messages on a regular basis. This inexpensive, excellent email service provides everything you need. You content must provide perceived value to subscribers, so send them something worthy. Include offers as appropriate.

  • Start a Business Blog. Blogs are one of the best ways to communicate with your constituency, and a perfect vehicle to generate high-ranking content pages. You don't need to re-build your existing site; a WordPress blog can be appended and tweaked to match your current design. If you're a professional or expert of any kind, write substantial posts that underscore your expertise. With the right setup, your blogs can automatically update Twitter, Facebook, and your email list. Nice!

  • Syndicate Your Stuff. This simply means creating content (audio, video, or text) and distributing it to other sites and blogs — from YouTube all they way down to the local community level. Since your content will link back your site, syndication simultaneously builds thought leadership, reputation, subscribers, and inbound links. Powerful stuff. By the way, don't duplicate any written content that's already on your site; your syndicated content must be unique.