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Frequently-Asked Questions

Why are first-page results important?

Our reports only count business listings if they appear on the first page of search results. Why? Because 90%+ of clicks occur on the first page — that's where all the action is.

Are online reviews and ratings important?

Yes. Reviews and ratings are incredibly important from a client acquisition perspective. Firstly, the number of reviews is a significant factor in your listings inclusion in local search results. The more reviews, the better. Zero reviews may mean zero visibility. Secondly, reviews and ratings are the online equivalent of word-of-mouth referrals — they speak louder than advertising or self-promotion. Our bonus materials highlight ways to encourage positive reviews and to maintain your online reputation.

Do all searches generate local search results?

No. Only selected keywords, those that the search engine chooses, generate local listings. Our reports show positions for keywords that generate local search listings for at least one competitor. Keywords that trigger a local search vary with the search engine, and may change at any time. If your site, or competitor's sites, start ranking for other keywords in the set, those results will automatically be added to future reports.

How does my business get exposure in surrounding cities?

Our Local Search program is designed to help you achieve optimum listing visibility for places in which you have a physical address, with some exposure in nearby communities. We offer discounts for businesses with multiple physical address. To achieve better visibility in places in which you do not have a physical address (nearby cities), you may need a more advanced strategy such as localized optimization of your site, and an inbound link campaign. High visibility in multiple places may require multiple contact pages highlighting separate addresses and phone numbers, or even multiple sites. If you face stiff competition in surrounding cities or a region, call us to discuss the best solution.

Why is the Local Search Marketing Program sold as a monthly service?

All online marketing is a process. To get the best results, especially in competitive markets, ongoing work must be done to keep your listings current, optimize them, and to add additional citations (listings in area directories, industry directories, and search engines). Doing so takes time and resources, which is why we sell our program as a subscription. The also allows us to develop and bring you the latest local search intelligence — actionable strategies and new products that will give you a real advantage.

We already rank #1 in your reports; do we really need this program?

Yes. Even if you currently have the #1 position, your percentage of overall visibility in the market is almost certainly smaller than it could be. Your top competitors, combined, are getting more visibility than any individual business, including yours. Any of them may launch an aggressive optimization campaign at any time. The bottom line is that your business cannot tell its story or start the client conversion process without first being found – so it ALWAYS makes sense to improve your online visibility regardless of your current ranking or what your competitors are doing.

What does the Visibility & Competitors report tell me?

This report shows which sites have the highest visibility in a particular geographic market. There are two important numbers in this report: The Visibility Score is an aggregate measure of online visibility. If your site does not have a high visibility score relative to competitors, it means you are losing business unnecessarily. The Visibility Percent shows the percentage of first-page positions. You may have a high Visibility Score compared to competitors, but a low Visibility Percent (less than 10%). This means the market is fragmented and continuing work needs to be done to increase your visibility. Our program is designed to maximize your online visibility. Monthly reporting is provided for premium accounts.

What does the Keyword Positions by Search Engine report tell me?

This report shows the ranking position of each web site for a given keyword and search engine combination. You might think of this report as the details behind the Visibility Report (above). It shows what your prospective clients see when they search for a particular keyword. If your site does not show a ranking number for a given keyword, then one or more of your competitors currently has visibility for that keyword, but your site does not. If a keyword appears on the master keyword list, but not on this report, it means either no sites are ranking for that keyword, or that keyword does not generate local results at this time. Our program is designed to maximize your online visibility. Monthly reporting is provided for premium accounts.

Where do the report keywords come from?

The keywords used to generate your reports are supplied by Google’s Keyword Tool, the best source of keyword intelligence. The 50 - 100 keywords selected represent a current sampling of the most relevant and popular searches for your business. We generally do not include trademarks, business names, or geographic keywords in the keyword list. Doing so might skew the results towards one business versus another and it does not reflect consumer behavior (generic keywords are used in about 90% of searches). However you should definitely optimize your site for geographic place names and your brand names.

How are the competitors shown in the reports chosen?

The top competitors shown in the reports are sites with the greatest local search visibility based on actual search engine data. Keep in mind that competitors are not simply other businesses offering the same service or product. For example, less than 25% of people with back and neck pain are treated by chiropractors in California; the remaining 75%+ are treated by physicians, physical therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, yoga practitioners, and so on. All of these services compete with chiropractors, so if a massage therapy practice scores highly, we may choose them as a competitor to a chiropractic practice.

How do I track results?

These are some outcomes one could measure or track . . .

  • Number of First-position and First-page Search Results (provided as a monthly report)
  • Relative Overall Visibility compared to competitors (provided as a monthly report)
  • Number of Reviews (downloadable from the control panel)
  • Sentiment of Reviews (positive / negative, downloadable from the control panel)
  • Source of Reviews (downloadable from the control panel)
  • Traffic from Local Search results (we provide informational references for your IT or Web Developer to track this in Google Analytics)
  • Traffic from the Mobile Site (we place your tracking code on the site and provide informational references for your IT or Web Developer to track this in Google Analytics)

How Do I Use the Review Request Message?

Online reviews are an important marketing tool — positive reviews increase the likelihood customers will contact your business, and having at least 10 reviews on Google will help boost your listing's visibility on the world's most important search engine.

Send this review request to former and current customers that you think will respond in a positive way.

For current customers, try sending this request the day of service.

For others, send this request to small groups over a period of time.

DO NOT send to your entire mailing list at once. Too many new reviews in a short period appears contrived and may trigger filters that will block the reviews from public view.

Then, watch for results. If you are subscribed to our reputation monitoring program, you will get an email alert about new activity.

Feel free to alter the message in any way to suits your needs. We supply this text-only version because it works with all mail systems and mobile devices.

If you use a emailing system like Aweber or Infusionsoft, this message can be converted to HTML format complete with images, color, fonts, etc.

Please familiarize yourself with commercial email regulations before broadcasting email messages. Thanks!