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Take your Online Visibility to a New Level with our Marketing Roadmap.

We look at your business from a top-level marketing viewpoint and create an action plan that leads to high online visibility, top-of-mind awareness, and a continuous stream of self-qualified clients.

stream of new business clientsA GPS device tells you where you are now, and how to get to your destination.

That's exactly what the Marketing Roadmap does for your business: It tells you where your business stands relative to top online competitors, and details the action steps necessary to arrive at the top of the online food chain, enjoying a stream of ideal clients.

The Marketing Roadmap is the solution for business owners that answer YES to any of these questions . . .

  • Would you like a powerful alternative to high-cost directory ads, printed brochures and mailings, or time-consuming consultations?
  • Are changes in your industry hurting your business?
  • Are you starting a new business without an online marketing plan?
  • Would you like a system that markets your products or services 24/7?
  • Do you like the idea of automatically turning prospects into a stream of paying clients?

This plan is perfect for all service businesses, as well as professional practices: physicians, architects, dentists, accountants, attorneys, veterinarians, etc.

What's included in the Marketing Roadmap?

  • Custom Keyword Research. Discovering your most lucrative keywords is the foundation of your online marketing program, and the essential first step of any paid advertising campaign. (Why are keywords crucial to your online success?)

    Even if you don't currently advertise, your content (everything on your site), directory listings, and links pointing to your site, should incorporate your best keywords to attract qualified visitors and boost your search engine ranking.

    We provide a custom keyword list created from databases of actual searches, sorted by amount of traffic. Keywords are vital for future paid advertising and content development. But in this Roadmap phase, we'll use them for competitive analysis. (Our $497 Keyword Research Package is included FREE with the Marketing Roadmap).

  • Google Analytics. This, or a similar statistics tool, is something every business with a web site must have. Google analytics provides excellent statistics on visitors and their behavior, the basic "pulse" of the site, and the actual keywords used to find the site, which will provide the basis for future paid ads and to drive content development.

  • Visibility Report. Your custom keywords are run through our special search software which shows how well your site ranks for the keywords in the major search engines — showing what your clients experience at an aggregate level. No guesswork. Usually, small business sites rank well for a few keywords, but poorly for many other keywords. The visibility report pinpoints opportunities to add the best-performing keywords to your site, which will attract free traffic. More about the report.

  • Competitors Report. An overall measure of how well your site performs in the search engines compared with your true competitors (the results may surprise you). Your site will usually fall somewhere in the pack, and we'll let you know where. But even if it doesn't, we'll analyze what makes your top competitors' sites tick: What are their strengths? How can your business best compete? What will it take to make it highly visible? What if you don't have a site yet? You'll know exactly who your key online competitors will be and what it will take to compete against them. This report also isolates potential high-ranking partners, which could be important in the future. More about the report.

  • Custom Analysis and Recommendations. This is the core of the Roadmap. We'll research, then lay out detailed tactics that your business will use to increase visibility, build top-of-mind awareness, take advantage of client-powered marketing, and convert more visitors into clients. The idea is not to emulate competitors, but to observe, then take actions that will you move your company into a highly-visible, authoritative position in your market niche. We'll also cover the software and services you may need to put the recommendations in place.

  • Online Documentation Roadmap results are published online for all approved constituents to access.

  • Free Bonus #1: Seven Tactics you Must Know to Monitor and Maintain Your Online Reputation. A concise guide to tracking your reputation online and what to do about negatives reviews, complaints, etc.

  • Free Bonus #2: Three Best Ways to Get a Torrent of Positive Reviews. Our top tactics to engage your clients to be your best online fans and the ultimate referral channel for your business.

  • Free Bonus #3: Two 30-minute live follow-up consultations by phone or Skype.

Regardless if your site is well established, or just in the discussion stage, the Marketing Roadmap will supercharge your online marketing at minimal cost. Online marketing doesn't need to be technologically advanced, it just needs to be effective.

The Marketing Roadmap will summarize what your business needs to do to achieve excellent online marketing results. It presents an integrated strategy to guide your management team, inform your technicians and support people, and share your plan with other constituents.

Marketing Roadmap Summary

  • Free Custom Keyword Research Package
  • Installation of Google Analytics (requires access to your server)
  • Visibility Report
  • Competitors Report
  • Custom Analysis
  • Custom Recommendations
  • Online Documentation
  • Bonus #1: Seven Tactics you Must Know to Monitor and Maintain Your Online Reputation
  • Bonus #2: Three Best Ways to Get a Torrent of Positive Reviews
  • Bonus #3: Two 30-minute Live Consultations
  • FREE Local Search Marketing Package

$2,494 $1,997.00, includes a FREE Local Search Marketing Package. (We want ALL small businesses to benefit from the Roadmap, so we've made a 6-month no-interest payment plan available below.)

($1,997.00, Single-payment Plan)
($332.83, 6-month Payment Plan)

[ The Marketing Roadmap is an advisory plan. Implementation is available separately or through your current Web developer. The Local Search Marketing Package is a fully-implemented plan. We do all the work , but we will need some information which you probably already have available: a short business description, your hours of operation, major brands you sell, and a few photos showing either the business, or your key products or services. Local Search Checklist.]