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Web Marketing Basics, Part 2
Traffic + Conversion = Sales.

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Let's take a closer look at how the DESK method (Drive, Educate, Sell, Close) leads to a long-term traffic and new clients.


To get the DESK method working for your business, it's important to have a site that's easy for search engines to index, and valuable to your visitors.

The key is to build your presence using technology that integrates well with search engines and other facets of the Web like social media; then fill it with useful keyword-based content. The best content serves your overall purpose: to attract, educate, and convert visitors into clients. Moreover, it should flow from your core message, that is, the underlying essence of what your business is all about and how it's different. But usefulness and value is always defined by the visitor. So content, before anything else, must engage and help the visitor to solve a problem or meet a desire. Order on-demand marketing for a quick response on what you should be doing.

Secondarily, content supports the search engine indexing process (making your business easier to find), promotes beneficial links from other sites, and encourages positive ratings and reviews on social media portals.

An ongoing effort is important: By pouring-in content a regular basis, you're providing what visitors are really looking for— fresh, relevant, authoritative information that will advance their lives in some way.



Once your optimized, high-converting site is in place, you need traffic (visitors looking for your product or service).

The classic method to generate traffic is to get other web sites to link to yours. That's because links from other sites incorporating your search terms (keywords) — are the #1 search engine ranking factor.

  • More links mean higher search engine rankings, giving your business more visibility
  • Links are direct pipelines for traffic, meaning your business is less dependent on search engines

But inbound links can take a long time to develop naturally and they are often insufficient to support the business. That's why you'll need other ways to drive traffic . . .

  • If your business is local, our Local Search package is essential.
  • To reach out farther, and to supercharge your online marketing, check out our Marketing Roadmap which covers all facets of traffic generation, including social media.
  • Paid advertising is also an option, although it has some drawbacks, especially if your clients do not have a high lifetime value.



Educate, Sell, and Close to convert visitors into clients.

Visitors are seeking a solution to a problem or to satisfy a desire. Meet their expectations. Become a resource. Answer questions, including those they don't know to ask. In the course of doing so, you will communicate, preferably by design, the important "message behind the message" — your business philosophy, attitude, style, etc. Remember this core principle: It's not about you and your business; it's about the client.

So what do you want your visitors to do? Buy your product right now, sign-up for your service, call for an appointment, visit your retail store?

That's your call to action, ask the visitor to take some action, and in turn, perhaps provide some type of free or low-cost offer in exchange.

This whole process is called conversion. It's the natural outcome of traffic generation, content that answers questions and builds confidence, and a call to action.

The DESK method is a core strategy — one of the keys to building a valuable online asset while growing your business the smart way.